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GraphQL Client

Apollo Client for GraphQL API consumption

Apollo Client setup based on official with-apollo example

See official example

Deprecated isomorphic setup

See branch example/apollo-ssr-and-server-redirect for a previous setup of Apollo. It demoes a powerful setup that can handle Apollo with SSR and authentication. However, this architecture led to a HUGE increase of complexity for a very low perceived values. We dropped it in favour in an "opt-in" approach of Apollo SSR and a client-only pattern for authentication management similar to Vercel's dashboard architecture. See Public is the new private ticket for more details.

Optional, per-page Apollo Provider and SSR

We extend next-with-apollo with a simpler API. Apollo SSR is enabled page per page, for a granular optimization.

withApollo(MyPage); // add ApolloProvider with the default apollo client, but no SSR withApollo(MyPage, { ssr: true }); // will fetch data during server-side render automatically MyPage; // no SSR, no Apollo Provider

With have a non-regression test for SSR, so no surprise with component that suddenly appear in loading state.

Pass cookies to Apollo client during server render

This allow to make authenticated calls

Cross-domain connection

Enable NEXT_PUBLIC_CROSS_DOMAIN_GRAPHQL_URI=1 to connect to APIs from 3rd party applications. This is useful if you must connected to an existing Vulcan graphql API (a legacy Meteor API, another Vulcan Next application, or a Vulcan Express backend).

In particular, this will enable crendentials inclusion so login cookie works as expected.

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