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Demo a story for a full page


Add custom error page with i18n name space to remove warning Automated translation extraction: Remove annoying warnings when getInitialProps is not set

Material UI and friends

Easy switch between MUI, Bootstrap, and probably Tailwind, Styled Components, Emotion...

Error and logs

Global _app error boundary Sentry demo Setup debug client side programmatically based on DEBUG environment variable


Splitting tests in folders? In order to differentiate real e2e tests from integration testing


Load .env development config automatically in Jest


Graphql code generator for better autocompletion Demo support of multiple graphQL API using Link split

Demo custom server for SSR?

NOTE: Using a custom server to serve Next pages is not recommended. We may choose not to support this feature.

ts-node, nodemon to have hot reload Jest for the custom server Fullstack cypress testing/coverage of the custom server


Remove debug routes from bundle during build


Pure JS support (no TS), in cypress, in code, in storybook, in jest... Performance testing? A way to debug which files are transpiled by TypeScript/included in the build Easy opt out of MDX Easy opt out of i18n Prettier config Doc for the perfect VS Code setup TypeScript/Eslint security rules Demo TypeScript for dynamic component (Plotly for instance, Leaflet etc.) USe ES6 in webpack configs, next.config (see electron-react-boilerplate for a demo) Mock of next packages from storybook, in jest Efficient plug to Vulcan VS code debugging SSR disabling

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